Discover the advantages of Bioeureka’s AI pathogen detection for research lab productivity. Faster, more accurate results to drive innovation.

Increase employees productivity

Increase Research Lab Employees Productivity

With Bioeureka, we empower analytical laboratories to achieve unprecedented productivity with our AI-powered pathogen identification technology. By streamlining the identification process, our innovative solution enables laboratory employees to focus on essential tasks, reducing the time spent on routine analyses. This not only speeds up research, but also improves accuracy and efficiency, resulting in faster results and significant cost savings. With Bioeureka, your team can process more samples, improve workflows and advance scientific discoveries with greater speed and accuracy.

Reduce consumable costs

AI Detection & Identification Method | How to reduce laboratory consumable and costs?

Standard pathogen testing methods often involve several steps, each requiring specific reagents and materials. These processes not only incur high costs, but also extend the time needed to obtain results. Bioeureka’s AI-based approach streamlines the entire testing process. By providing immediate and accurate identification of pathogens, we eliminate the requirement for repeated testing and excessive use of consumables, leading to substantial savings for laboratories.

Laboratories that have adopted Bioeureka’s AI-assisted pathogen identification technology report significant reductions in their consumables costs. By reducing the need for expensive reagents and materials, these laboratories can allocate their resources more efficiently, investing in other areas of research and development

Improve diagnostic time

Improve Pathogen Lab Diagnostic Time | Bioeureka

At Bioeureka, we’re committed to significantly improving the time it takes to diagnose pathogens in the laboratory, using our AI-assisted image recognition technology. Our innovative solutions deliver fast, accurate results, transforming the way laboratories approach microbiological testing.

By improving diagnosis time, Bioeureka is also helping to reduce waiting times for patients, the food and environmental industries. Faster results mean that healthcare professionals can start treatments earlier, improving clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction, or food industries can bring more products to market. This is an important advantage

Bioeureka Advanced Pathogen Library for Diagnostics

Improve Pathogen Lab Diagnostic Time | Bioeureka

At Bioeureka, we offer our customers access to an advanced pathogen library to improve the efficiency and accuracy of laboratory diagnostics. Integrated with our AI-assisted image recognition technology, our library enables rapid and accurate pathogen identification, using advanced algorithms and a vast dataset. Bioeureka’s advanced library contains detailed information on a multitude of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. The data is regularly updated to include the latest discoveries and new strains of emerging pathogens, ensuring that laboratories always have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information. Access to our pathogen library is quick and easy via our intuitive platform, enabling detailed searches and instant results. This speeds up the diagnostic process and reduces waiting times for results. By using our library, laboratories can significantly improve the accuracy of their diagnoses and obtain more reliable results for patients. Bioeureka offers ongoing support to ensure that users get the most out of our pathogen library.

Step by step diagnostic

Improve your pathogen diagnostics with Bioeureka

We’ve designed a simple, effective diagnostic process to identify pathogens rapidly and accurately. Here are the steps to follow:

Collect a biological sample using your laboratory’s standard procedures. Prepare the sample according to Bioeureka’s specific instructions. Once the sample is ready, place it under the microscope or in the compatible diagnostic device. Use a smartphone or computer equipped with the Bioeureka application to capture an image of the sample. Upload the captured image to the Bioeureka app, which uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze the image. Receive instant results with precise identification of pathogens present in the sample. Consult the detailed results provided by Bioeureka to interpret the data and make informed decisions. Generate a full diagnostic report directly from the Bioeureka application. Use the diagnostic results to decide on appropriate clinical or research actions. If necessary, contact the Bioeureka support team for further assistance or technical questions.

These simplified steps enable fast, accurate and efficient diagnosis, optimizing laboratory workflow and improving patient outcomes


Rapid and accessible pathogen diagnosis with Bioeureka

We have designed our technology to be easily accessible, ensuring that every laboratory can benefit from fast, accurate and reliable pathogen diagnostics. Our solution requires only simple tools like a microscope, and a smartphone or computer, easily integrating our technology into existing laboratory workflows. Thanks to our user-friendly app, users can capture and analyze samples in real time, dramatically reducing waiting times for results. What’s more, our intuitive platform enables easy navigation, making searching for data and obtaining instant results simple and efficient. By providing ongoing support and regular updates, we ensure that our users always have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information. With Bioeureka, accessibility is not just a benefit, it’s a promise of performance and simplicity for all laboratories, whatever their size or resources.


Advanced Security for Pathogen Diagnostics with Bioeureka

Security is a top priority. We have integrated strong security protocols into our AI-assisted pathogen diagnostics technology, following the STRIDE framework for complete protection. Our systems use advanced algorithms to authenticate users and prevent identity theft. All sample and result data is end-to-end encrypted, preventing unauthorized modification. We use hashing techniques to verify data integrity at every stage of the process. We maintain detailed, immutable audit logs for complete traceability. Our platform protects the confidentiality of sensitive information with strong encryption and strict access controls, preventing any unauthorized disclosure. Protective measures against denial-of-service attacks guarantee the availability and performance of our platform. Our systems prevent any unauthorized elevation of privileges, with users having only the permissions required for their specific tasks. We comply with international data security standards, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information. We also offer regular software updates to counter new threats and improve our defenses. Bioeureka provides ongoing support and training to help users maintain best security practices. With Bioeureka, your pathogen diagnostics are fast, accurate and secure.