Bioeureka revolutionizes microbiology with advanced AI-powered image recognition technology for rapid pathogen identification. Our solution is fast, cost-effective, and field-deployable, making it ideal for laboratories, healthcare facilities, and research institutions. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Bioeureka enables the immediate and accurate identification of bacteria, viruses, and fungi using a smartphone or computer interface.

Our mission is to make healthcare safer and more efficient by providing innovative tools that streamline the pathogen testing process, reduce costs, and increase testing capacity.

Bioeureka reduces the reliance on expensive biochemical tests and shortens the time required for incubation, leading to quicker and more efficient pathogen detection. 


Making history in the identification of microbial pathogens

Bioeureka was founded in March 2022 in Montreal by visionary biochemist and serial entrepreneur Mohamed M. Diallo. With a wealth of laboratory experience in Quebec and Ontario, Mohamed and his team recognized the requirement for faster, more affordable microbiological analysis solutions.

After identifying the critical needs in early 2021, Bioeureka set out to develop an AI-based pathogen recognition solution for laboratories.

The company has since participated in various support programs, including Cilex in Gatineau and Centech in Montreal, and has received the support of institutions including the University of Ottawa, Collège La Cité, MILA research institute, as well as Sicara, a company based in France.

In December 2022, Bioeureka was selected among 12 high-potential companies to join the Centech Propulsion program. The first functional prototype was launched in early 2023, aiming to secure funding from investors to accelerate growth.

Bioeureka officially launched its app in April 2023, targeting university students and researchers as its initial market. Today, Bioeureka continues to innovate and grow, with the aim of becoming the standard tool for microbiology laboratories worldwide, including in developing countries and remote areas.

Bioeureka’s short history is marked by its commitment to innovation, integrity, collaboration, adaptability and involvement. These values reflect the spirit and culture of the Bioeureka team, which strives to make a significant impact in the fields of microbiology and molecular biology.


We are constantly committed to protecting global health

Bioeureka’s mission is to improve the efficiency of microbiology laboratories and reduce the impact of pathogens on the healthcare system through innovative technological solutions. By offering AI-powered image recognition technology for rapid and accurate pathogen identification, Bioeureka aims to simplify the work of researchers and students, reduce the costs of microbiological testing, and improve detection and response time. We are committed to making pathogen testing more accessible, faster and more reliable, thereby contributing to global health security and improving microbiology diagnostics.


Become the global standard for microbiology laboratories

Bioeureka’s breakthrough innovation aims to become the standard tool used in microbiology laboratories worldwide for pathogen identification.

By integrating our solution into the workflow of every microbiology laboratory employee, including those in developing countries and remote areas, we aim to reduce costs and delays associated with pathogen detection, and reduce pathogen infections worldwide and save lives as a result.

Through our initiatives with NGOs and public health organizations, we aim to make our solution widely available and accessible.

Our vision is guided by five core values: innovation, integrity, collaboration, adaptability and commitment, which reflect the spirit and culture that drives and inspires the Bioeureka team.

Our team

Bioeureka team brings together over 40 years of experience in technology, business management, cybersecurity and research. With a strong advisory board, the team is well prepared to drive innovation in pathogen detection.

Mohamed M Diallo

Chief Of Officer & Co-Funder

Karyne Pinard

VP-Chief Of Financial

Winnie Vorihilala

Product Manager & Senior AI Specialist

Devien Durbano

Chief Scientist & Project Manager

Zoé Ducourau

Data Scientist

Karyne Pinard


Richard Poulin

Board Member

Mohamed M Diallo


Olivier Benloulou

Board Member

Ann DelaRosbil

Board Member

Eric De Gheldere

Board Member

Frédéric Boucher

Industrial Technology Advisor – CNRC

Mouhamadou Gueye


Farid Dagher

Innovation Catalyst, Entrepreneur, CPA

Regis Vaillancourt

Vice president Pharmacy affairs BCE pharma