A revolution in sampling analysis

Bioeureka is an AI-powered image recognizer application that analyzes, catalogs and interprets images of samples from microscopes.


Bioeureka is an innovative company revolutionizing microbiology with advanced AI-powered image recognition technology for rapid pathogen identification. Our solution is designed to be fast, cost-effective, and field-deployable, making it ideal for laboratories, healthcare facilities, and research institutions. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Bioeureka enables the immediate and accurate identification of bacteria, viruses, and fungi using a simple smartphone or computer interface.

This not only reduces the reliance on expensive biochemical tests but also shortens the time required for incubation, leading to quicker and more efficient pathogen detection. Our mission is to make healthcare safer and more efficient by providing innovative tools that streamline the pathogen testing process, reduce costs, and increase testing capacity.


Image Recognition & Analysis
Interpretation - Results probability
Pathogen Classification
Datasharing Management

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